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Professional Scientific Consulting for the Legal Cannabis Market

Breeding and Genetics

Through experience in the international plant genetics field we have an intimate knowledge of DNA and genetics. We apply our knowledge of genetics and passion for cannabis to develop scientifically based breeding programs that produce high quality genetics for home growers and commercial cultivators alike.


Our breeding style prioritizes flavors and terpenes combined with high yields, great structure, and potency. We employ classical breeding methods and deep, deliberate observation to find and stabilize the best genetics possible. We also utilize scientific methods to produce novel compounds for use in our breeding programs. We can use these compounds to quickly stabilize special phenotypes and/or flush out rare and potentially valuable traits. Further, we conduct strain preservation projects to preserve the genomes of any given strain whether it is available as regular seed, feminized seed, or clone only.


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Our photographs have been featured across social media by companies and brands such as The Humboldt Seed Company, Darkheart Nursery, Leafly, and more. We specialize in portrait and macro photography of cannabis. Send us an email or leave a message below for booking information!


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