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Variety/Strain: Blueberry Cookies

Lineage: Blueberry Cookies x Blueberry Bakery

Generation: Bx1 (F2 equivalent)


Type: Regular, Photoperiod

Yield: Medium

Height: Short - Medium

Flower Time: 58 – 65 days

Effects: Indica/Hybrid


Terpene Profile:

Cannabinology Blueberry Cookies Bx1 variety/strain has an incredible sweet blueberry and baked good terpene profile. Blueberry Cookies Bx1 phenotypes tend to be sweeter than the feminized version due to some Blueberry Muffin genetics in the mix. This generation also has a rare gassy lemon phenotype too!


Growth Pattern:

Cannabinology Blueberry Cookies Bx1 has a very bushy branching pattern with strong stems. In veg this variety grows at an average pace. Once in flower Blueberry Cookies does not stretch very much, making for a dense bushy plant with many tops at harvest.



Cannabinology Blueberry Cookies provides excellent indica leaning hybrid effects. Primarily the high is very body relaxing, somewhat sedating, and euphoric. It brings a sense of calm and comfort as well.

Blueberry Cookies Bx1

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