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Variety: CannabinolOG

Lineage: SFV OG x Blueberry Cookies

Generation: F1

Type: Feminized, Photoperiod


Yield: Medium - High

Height: Medium - Tall

Flower Time: 60 – 70 days

Effects: Hybrid


Terpene Profile:

CannabinolOG flavors range from classic OG to citrus and even berry with OG undertones. Our favorite phenotype has an exotic thai quality accompanied by orange zest and licorice flavors.


Growth Pattern:

Like most OG varieties, CannabinolOG, grows incredibly fast with strong stems. Some phenotypes make tall spear like stems stacked solid with flowers. Other phenotypes have a more classic OG look with big golf ball like flowers separated by some blank stem making it easy to work with at harvest.



CannabinolOG has hybrid effects with some variation towards Indica or Sativa effects depending on variety. Most phenotypes have an excellent head high accompanied by a relaxing body feel.

CannabinolOG F1

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