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Gorilla Grow Tent

Gorilla Grow Tents are industry standard for home growing.

The thickest fabric and strong zippers provide lasting durability. These tents also feature the tallest frames to accommodate even the biggest sativas. The best part is, the frames are strong enough to hold even the heaviest industrial level lighting and ventilation!

Use our Gorilla Grow Tent coupon code CBCA19 at checkout for 10% off on your entire order!

AC Infinity

AC Infinity is known for building very high quality fans and other cultivation equipment. They produce everything from whisper quite exhaust fans and oscillating tent fans to carbons filters, beginner grow tents, controllers, and more!

Use our AC Infinity coupon code CBGY at checkout for 10% - 15% off on your entire order!

Sunscape LED

Sunscape LED is the future of lighting. These LED lights emit an incredible amount of light at high efficiency and the ability to control and fine tune the spectrum to optimize your grow. 

Use our Sunscape LED coupon code CBGY at checkout for 15% off on your entire order!

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A Pulse monitor is a must have in the garden. This little device allows you to monitor your garden any time any where from the palm of your hand. It reads and remembers temperature, humidity, vapor pressure deficit and more.

Use our Pulse Grow coupon code CBGY at checkout for $10 off on your pulse monitor!

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Rosin Bomb

Rosin Bomb makes incredible rosin presses. They are easy to use with just a few buttons to press and small enough to fit on your kitchen counter. With one of these you could be making your own high quality concentrates today!

Use our Rosing Bomb coupon code CBGY at checkout for 10% off on your new rosin press!

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