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Vanilla Kola Strain Information

Lineage: Vanilla Creme Pie x Orange Cream Kola

Generation: F1

Type: Regular, Photoperiod

Yield: Medium - High

Height: Medium - Tall

Flower Time: 60-70 days

Effects: Hybrid



Terpene Profile:

Cannabinology Vanilla Kola has a delicious sweet vanilla and tingly soda like flavor accompanied by earthy and fruity undertones. Some phenotypes are sweeter and more creamy vanilla soda while other phenotypes lean into orange soda with sweet vanilla and gassy notes.


Growth Pattern:

Cannabinology Vanilla Kola grows vigorously through the veggetative and flowering phases to yield big, dense flowers. During the early parts of flower most Vanilla Kola phenotypes will stretch a decent amount but will also branch to create a dense and even top canopy. The flowers will be farily large, dense, and covered in trichomes. Most phenotypes show purple coloration but the amount of purple varies depending on phenotype.



Cannabinology Vanilla Kola has hybrid effects with some variation between phenotypes. The orange soda leaning phenotypes tend to be more sativa leaning with relaxing body while the creamy vanilla leaning phenotypes tend to be more sedative.

Vanilla Kola

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